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15 Tips from a Toronto SEO Company for Your Local Business

Most local companies in Toronto understand that digital marketing is crucial in expanding their business. If you want to be visible online and keep your business thriving, it is essential to invest in local SEO. This is not a one-time investment but a continuous process. 

As leading SEO company in Toronto, we share tips and recommendations on how you can achieve higher rankings on search engines and strengthen your presence online. 

15 Expert Tips to Rank High on Google 

Highlight Your Location  

If you want to attract local customers, it is essential to incorporate your location on every page of your website. Your home page, domain name, and metadata should include your location. If you are running a cannabis business in Toronto, it is great to add the city name to your site domain. When people are searching for “cannabis in Toronto,” it becomes easier to locate your site. 

Update Local Listings 

Visitors generally explore a city using local listing sites such as Yelp to get the desired service. It significantly helps add and update your listings on each local website. You can include images, contact number, address, work hours, and the link to your website so that people can easily find you online. It helps to partner with a local Toronto SEO company that can help you manage the listings and optimize them to strengthen your presence online. 

Focus on Online Reviews

For many businesses, online reviews are not a priority. However, many people choose a company based on reviews, so you should encourage every customer to post reviews to improve your site rankings. You must also ensure that you respond to the reviews regardless of whether they are positive or negative. This makes your company appear more active and reliable.

Stay Active on Social Media 

Many users rely on social media to explore products and services available in their area. A solid social media presence can have a good impression, increasing your chances of attracting customers. You should add relevant images and respond to comments to inform people that your profile is up-to-date and active. Depending on your business, you can also hold contests and upload promotional content to boost your Toronto SEO results. 

Implement Local Citation 

A local citation includes your business’s name, address, and contact number. These citations can be seen in local directories, social platforms, apps, and websites which helps users discover local businesses. You must have the correct citations on online directories to help you rank accurately on Google Maps.

Take Advantage of Structured Data 

Structured data is a systematic way of describing your web pages so that it is easier for search engines to understand the context of the information and provide accurate results to the searchers. Google uses “” as the language to convert your content into code which is used to display search results in a better manner. If you incorporate this code on your website with an accurate business address and contact number, you can appear higher in search results. 

Distribute Targeted Keywords Properly 

If you are looking to consult a Toronto SEO company for your local casino, you are likely to type “Toronto SEO for Casino,” which will give you the desired results quickly. The same thing happens when your potential customer is looking for your products or services. So it is crucial to incorporate location-specific keywords related to your business in your website title, headings, and main content.

Categorize Your Business

Most search engines enable you to place your business into different categories. This allows customers searching for local products and services to understand your business and connect with you easily. Take your time to choose the right category to help optimize search results. 

Get Featured in a Local Publication

If you have a local business in Toronto, consider getting featured in local publications and obtaining quality backlinks. When ranking a website, Google considers the content and location of the links, increasing your chances of boosting your site rankings. An easier way to ensure success is to hire a professional Toronto SEO company that can help you build quality backlinks.

Report Keyword Stuffing

Any business can only include its actual business name in its Google Business Profile (GBP) and is not allowed to use targeted keywords, violating the GBP policy. You can perform an audit and find out if your competitor is using keyword stuffing in their GBP, report them and have the keywords removed.

Use Lazy Load

Lazing loading is a technique that delays loading images on a website until they appear on the user’s screen. This is an effective hack recommended by Toronto SEO companies as it helps in the following: 

Include Alternative Text for Images 

Alternative text is vital for your Toronto SEO efforts and contributes to improving search engine results. It is a textual description of an image designed to help the visually impaired listen to a description of the web images through an eBook reader. Google uses this alternative text to understand the context of images, which impacts the search results.

Insert Videos from Third-Party Platforms 

When you want to insert a video on your website, upload it onto a third-party hosting platform such as Vimeo or YouTube and then to your site. When you display this video, it becomes lighter and faster to load, optimizing page speed. This impacts website user experience, which Google highly considers in its rankings.

Perform Internal Linking 

Internal links help Google understand each web page on your site and rank them better. So, if Google understands that the webpage is related to “Toronto SEO” or “Toronto Cryptocurrency SEO,” it will rank the particular page in the search results accordingly. 

Have Dedicated Landing Pages 

Include landing pages specifically designed for each product or service you offer along with their relevant keywords, such as the product name and category in the title tags. Dedicated landing pages will significantly help improve your website rankings for different search terms. 

Leverage Our Toronto SEO Expertise for Your Local Business 

When you collaborate with a reliable SEO company in Toronto, you can rest assured that you will achieve higher search rankings. JumpSearch places the highest importance on ethical white hat SEO strategies to help your business get quality leads. With us, you can focus on the areas of your business that require your attention while we work on enhancing your online visibility.

Your search ends here if you are looking for a Toronto SEO expert for your local business. Contact us or fill out our form to discuss your requirements with us.

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