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Web Hosting Services

Most businesses do not understand the essential role that fast, geo-targeted hosting plays in ranking a website, application or product. We have developed an effective virtual private server to increase your websites Google ranking. 

Our skilled team will make your website jump up in search results by providing your business with the fastest hosting setup available. We build virtual private servers customized for our clients’ unique needs; including geo-specific hosting. We will ensure that your website loads fast, is geo-targeted, and has a unique IP address in order to effectively convert customers.


At JumpSearch, we offer our clients inexpensive, geo-targeted local hosting. By working directly with DigitalOcean and NGINX, we are able to provide the most cost-effective and zero-downtime custom builds for your websites or applications. Our expert team will migrate your website to JumpSearch hosting free of charge, and ensure your products score high on both Google PageSpeed optimization and Google Mobile-Friendly testing. By upgrading your hosting to a non-shared, inexpensive virtual private server, your brand will reach new heights in speed, optimization and search results!

JumpSearch will build you a custom virtual private server; this includes a fine-tuned server set up for speed. We use Debian servers aligned with an NGINX high-performance load balancer. For clients who want a full website build, we create the fastest WordPress build that is customized to perform with both Debian and NGINX virtual private servers. We provide you with tools to outperform your competition and improve your google rankings by ensuring your website has exceptional speed and performance.


Is your website properly geo-targeted? Do you notify Google if you are targeting a particular region? If so, it is best to host your website in the relevant region to ensure load time is extremely fast for the surfer. Having a content delivery network (CDN) is great, but to truly optimize your target market, you will need to host the website in the appropriate region. We offer a wide range of hosting locations in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia; by hosting with us, you’ll take advantage of the fastest local hosting available. Hosting with one of our many geo-targeted servers guarantees your business an improved Google PageSpeed score and increased local search rankings.

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