Shopify SEO Services

Shopify is the leading E-commerce platform and ensuring your store is search engine optimized is a crucial element to running a successful Shopify store.

How does JumpSearch optimize your store?

Our team of SEO experts will first audit your current store.  If it’s a new store we will do a full audit of competing and similar niche stores to prepare your store for launch.  Once the audit is complete,  we will implement the audit findings and continue to improve your Google search visibility month to month by analyzing your keyword rankings, backlink profiles and website speed.

Shopify SEO Service Package

JumpSearch will provide the following monthly services, contact us for a quote.

JumpSearch will analyze the Shopify store current keywords and adjust website copy, meta titles and structured data, backlinks to ensure that the store increases visibility for high-value niche keywords which will increase click and customers to your web store.

Utilizing keyword research, JumpSearch analyzes the current web traffic and adjusts the Web stores SEO meta titles and web copy to increase your store’s Google search visibility.  

Structured data is a critical element to having a successful Shopify store.  Simply put, structured data is the practice of adding snippets of code into your store to assist the Google crawling bot to understand the products, services, Geo-target location better.  Each new product and service offered JumpSearch will insert structured data to increase visibility.

Having high authority trusted web links pointing to your website is directly correlated with attaining high ranking in the Google search results for your web stores products and services.  JumpSearch has a team of link acquisition specialists that research and perform outreach campaigns to attain new high authority similar niche websites to point to your web store.  Furthermore, JumpSearch link team will remove any low quality links pointing to your website which hinders your search engine visibility month to month.

If your web store is targeting a certain region we will add local citations to increase your web stores product search visibility in that particular region.  Citations are mentions of your business name, address and phone number (NAP) across the internet.  JumpSearch citation team will audit your local citations to ensure the correct NAP information is listed and if not we will adjust to ensure it is correct month to month.  Our team will input new citation listings which match your Google My Business profile listings to increase local visibility month to month.

Page speed is an important fact in providing the user (person who visits your web store) with a fast loading web page so that they can access your products quickly and make a purchase.  If your business web store loads slowly a user will not exit the page quickly and this will decrease your search visibility – Google will deem your website not user friendly.  Our team will manage all of your images to ensure they are properly sized and optimized along with your website code month to month.

How do we know that your SEO is working?

Each month JumpSearch will send an SEO report which details the amount of traffic increase month to month along with your eCommerce report which details the number of new customers from Google search.  Furthermore,  JumpSearch provides target keyword rankings in the SEO reports – Your report will provide an overview of high-value keyword rankings increase month the month.

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