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Whether you are a cryptocurrency exchange, start-up or blockchain-related business JumpSearch can help you be found online.

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With the recent surge in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Defi tokens cryptocurrency assets now have a total market cap of more than $1.73 trillion. The crypto market is now more valuable than the entire GDP of Canada. This rapid growth has created a competitive market for new blockchain companies and being found online can significantly impact the overall success of a new business. 

JumpSearch provides SEO and related advertising services for cryptocurrency and blockchain niches. Let JumpSearch help you move up the ranks and allow your company to make a mark in the industry.

Once you establish your position in the cryptocurrency industry, you will look back and realize that the organized approach in your digital marketing strategy was extremely valuable. Starting early with SEO is a valuable action as a strong strategy compounds over time and is not something you want to be playing catch up with in the future.

The Benefits of Working with JumpSearch

There is a lot of competition in the cryptocurrency space.  This is why you need to choose an SEO company that has experience in this hyper-competitive market.  To rank for high-value keywords and attain new customers it is important to know what queries are going to bring new customers and grow your business. JumpSearch understands which keywords are high value and will have you ranking at the top of the search results. 

Knowing your customer is often something that is overlooked by cryptocurrency startups as it is easy to become hyper-focused on the engineering of the product and hoping the customer will come afterwards. One of the main benefits of JumpSearch’s SEO audit is to get a better understanding of your audience.  What are your potential customers searching and how will they interact with your product? Our SEO Packages will offer a great understanding of who your customers are and where you fit in this crowded market.

Search engine optimization is critical to success as it is extremely targeted to your specific niche.  Meaning, JumpSearch can put your cryptocurrency business in front of users who are searching for exactly what your company offers.  For example, if you own an exchange and want customers we can increase your visibility for the term; “bitcoin exchange Canada”.  This is a very targeted keyword as it includes the coin they are interested in (Bitcoin), what they want to do (exchange) and where they want to do it (Canada). Ranking for these targeted terms has a higher chance of converting users. 

Full Service SEO Packages

Increase your traffic and attain more leads with your choice of three tiers SEO service packages. Each package offers keyword ranking improvements, local directory submissions, and comprehensive reporting. If you have a small business or established brand we will provide the best SEO services.

Citation Building Services

Any business that has one or multiple physical locations needs to take advantage of JumpSearch citation services. We will increase your business visibility and get you more in-store customers, appointments and phone calls. Take advantage of our network to have your business properly cited.

Link Building Services

Having quality backlinks to your website is still a major Google ranking factor. JumpSearch provides trusted SEO link building services to provide your website with strong trust flow and increased Google rankings for high-value keywords. Start now see the results of our link building service!

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