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About JumpSearch Canada

JumpSearch is a multi-faceted provider of search engine marketing services. Since launching in 2018, we have become one of the fastest growing search engine marketing companies in Canada. We are a team of search engine optimization specialists focused on developing SEO and pay-per-click strategies, then executing them meticulously for our clients. JumpSearch sets itself apart from competitors by providing multiple SEO services in-house, avoiding outsourcing work and providing honest and transparent reports or our work.  We can take your business to new heights. Contact us today for a quote. 

Our Toronto Ontario, Canada Office

The Canadian SEO Company

Creating a uniform search engine marketing strategy over each service is what sets JumpSearch apart in the SEO space. Our team has created and implemented many successful search engine marketing strategies for enterprises, agencies, and local businesses. We take pride in preparing in-depth market analyses and finding lucrative search and pay-per-click revenue opportunities in your niche that are often overlooked by our competitors.

By providing link building services and business listing citations we know exactly where our client’s website or listing is added and we can ensure that it is a trusted source. JumpSearch will optimize other facets of your search visibility by targeting your locality and niche using our in-house link and citation network. This significantly increases our ability to rank for high-value keywords for our clients. When creating a link building or SEO ranking strategy, we deep-dive into our clients’ products and services to find target keywords we want to improve the ranking for. By improving ranking for these keywords, we obtain clicks and customers for your website that can then be used in Google Ads search campaigns.

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