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Local SEO vs National SEO: Know the Difference

SEO is one of the most effective ways to increase traffic on your website. As companies increasingly focus on online business, it has become crucial to incorporate different digital marketing approaches. Local SEO and national SEO are two vital aspects of search engine optimization.

Many businesses are unaware of the local and national SEO concepts. Thus, they tend to invest only in SEO which isn’t enough to improve a company’s bottom line. As a leading SEO agency in Toronto, we have gathered some facts to help you understand the difference. 

Difference Between Local SEO & National SEO

Both types of SEO are meant to position your website on top of a Google SERP or achieve better rankings. The significant difference is where your target audience is coming from. Local SEO will help in attracting prospects that are close to your business. This is the best option if you have a small local business. 

National SEO will get you traffic from across the country. So, if you have a business such as an e-commerce shop or a company that delivers products or services nationwide, you must opt for this option. However, depending on your business, you can take advantage of local and national SEO from a specialized SEO agency

Strategies Applied by a Local SEO Agency

Local SEO is easier to perform as the competition is low. A professional SEO agency can help you with the regional SEO by implementing strategies such as:

Strategies Applied by a National SEO Agency

A national SEO agency applies strategies such as:

Which Companies Should Choose a Local SEO Agency?

Here are some situations when your business should opt for local SEO: 

Which Businesses Should Opt for a National SEO Agency?

Here are some cases which will help you decide if you should invest in national SEO:

Local SEO Concept

Reputation Management 

Reputation management involves monitoring, managing, and generating reviews on various business directory listings. GMB, Yelp, and Facebook are some of the most vital platforms to manage your business reputation. Target customers read reviews before making a purchase decision. They tend to check the negative reviews first. The number of lost customers increases with the increase in negative reviews. Research shows that reviews impact 93% of customers’ buying decisions. Fortunately, your business’s professional response to the negative reviewers can change their feedback to a positive or neutral one. So, it is essential to implement a proper reputation management strategy to convert negative reviews into positive ones.

NAP Citations

Name, Address, and Phone (NAP) citations are crucial for local SEO. Google and other search engines trust businesses with proper and consistent listings across over 60 online directories. If all the platforms have the same information, such as your phone number, the search engines prioritize displaying such businesses to users. In addition, the website URL, business category, and working hours should be the same across every platform. This will ensure trust and increase local search visibility. 

National SEO Concept

High-Quality and Optimized Content

Content is a primary factor that influences national SEO. It is important to implement effective methods to draft compelling and informative content that adds value to users. Although short enriching content can rank high on the SERPs, the top reading content is between 1500 and 2000 words. You should publish content that answers user queries and gives them the information they want. As a reputed SEO agency in Toronto, we recommend avoiding filler content as that can harm your SEO efforts.

In addition, you must also optimize your content so that search engines can understand it. Some of the essential factors you need to focus on include:

Domain Authority (DA)

DA is a search engine ranking factor which indicates how likely a website is to rank on the SERPs. The score varies from 0 to 100, with the highest authority websites having the highest number. A 3000-word article on a popular website will rank high in the results, but if the same content is posted on a new website, it will likely rank low. So, it is crucial to focus on building links that get the search engines’ trust. High-quality content with maximum links will improve the link page authority. It is wise to hire a professional SEO agency to ensure success. 

Best Platforms for Local SEO 

Best Platforms for National SEO

JumpSearch is a Local & National SEO Agency in Toronto 

JumpSearch is a specialized SEO agency offering local and national SEO services. We offer customized packages for businesses of all sizes, considering your requirements. Whether you are starting your local business online or have a long-established brand delivering products or services nationwide, we can help you get more traffic to your website.

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