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Search engine marketing is a slow-burn and multi-factor process, which is why our four-stage packages include ongoing support as a standard. Seeking the advice of an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) expert before you issue requirements to a developer is the best time to do so and can save you considerable time and money otherwise spent making future amends. This will help you focus in on what you need from your site, and choose the most suitable platform.  We will work with you to ascertain how your business, products and services, and/or website currently perform, and determine your goals for the short, medium and long-term.

Hi, My name is Kris - Managing director of JumpSearch. My job is to get your website optimized to the fullest by ensuring you are targeting the correct keywords, strategic content, strong trustflow links and correct interlinking silo structure.


If “content is King” in search engine marketing, then structure is Queen! Whether for a small brochure-style website or a high volume e-commerce enterprise, site structure can have a profound effect on visitor engagement, overall performance and development costs. Mistakes made at the build stage can be costly and have a negative impact on your site for years to come. We stress establishing a strong SEO foundation for your online entity prior to going live. When a site is constructed with the visitor, search engine robots and devices (mobile or pc) in mind, the return on your investment from a ‘bottom-up’ strategy can come quickly and be many fold. Set up a call today with an expert.


It’s no longer enough to have top products or content and a visually appealing website. If Google can’t easily read your website, then your customers will not find it in search results. We work with your developer to ensure that it is as easy as possible for search engines to find and read your web pages. We are not developers, however our bottom-up strategy will provide the ‘techies’ with a checklist for optimization that is tailored to your business. A site should be built to endure and respond to the changing requirements of the searcher, and therefore the search engines. It may be advisable to build separate mobile device and desktop versions of your site. Book a consultation today to learn more.


Search engines obsess over the content of a web page, and why shouldn’t they? Their goal is to present the searcher with exactly what they are looking for. The title tag and meta-description that appear in organic search results are important content factors in this. We will show you how to write compelling and relevant meta; this includes a Recommendations Report to ensure your developers implement a winning structure that achieves your goals. We aim for the best possible optimization of a website; one which is highly discoverable in organic search results, that engages visitors, and that will convert visits into purchases or actions.

Do you have a tired or under-performing website?
Are you considering upgrading your website, or perhaps making partial changes?

With a website audit we can advise you on how your site currently performs in terms of organic traffic, and make detailed recommendations for improvement. At this stage, it is likely that in order to get the most benefit from our recommendations, you will need your web hosting developer to make some minor or major changes to your website.

We will review a list of dozens of factors from website navigability and user journey, to metadata use. Your review will be in line with the latest Google AdWords guidelines on how to present a site and its content. Advice will be tailored and prioritized to a set of realistic short, mid and long-term goals that we will discuss with you before reporting.

Get stuck-in to getting your website seen! JumpSearch’s no-stone-unturned, detailed audit of your site is carried out manually by a human being, with the help of some clever automated tools for statistical data.

In some circumstances, it may not be possible to successfully optimize a poorly built site. In this case, rather than wasting your time and money on trying to implement a strategy that will have little or no impact, we may recommend a fresh build.

Whether practical or technical, we provide you with the tailored support that your business needs to optimize its website and content to be both discoverable and engaging for customers.

Our report will provide you with a comprehensive set of realistic tasks that you or your colleagues can achieve within the bounds of your resources. Recommendations will be non-generic; they will be tailored to suit your business goals.

Website development work can often take several weeks or months to complete. Because of this and the inevitability of shifting requirements as a project progresses, we will be available for consultation with you and your developers throughout the lifetime of your project—right up until launch. We will liaise with your developer to ensure that they understand your  requirements from an SEO optimization perspective, and to ensure it is as straightforward as possible for search engines to crawl, index and present your pages in search results.

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