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6 Times You Must Hire an Expert SEO Consultant in Toronto

Many businesses in Toronto manage their SEO tasks in-house. Even if you are working on a small scale, you may have a web developer, a content creator, and other positions taking care of your SEO requirements.

However, there are certain scenarios when it becomes inevitable to hire a professional SEO agency. Trying out significant efforts beyond the scope and time of your in-house employees may result in lost revenue. So, here are six such instances when you must hire a Toronto SEO service to ensure peace of mind.

6 Times it is Crucial to Hire SEO Consultants

Google Isn’t Indexing Your Site

If your website is not appearing on Google search results, it could be a minor error not allowing Google to crawl your website or a more complex issue with the site structure or URL parameters. This is when you should consider hiring a professional. They know exactly where to look for the problem and get your site indexed and visible to the search engine.

When Performing a Site Migration or Redesign

Making major changes to your website’s design layout, CMS platform, or URL structure should be a joint effort between a professional web designer and an SEO expert. Many risks are involved, which can affect your organic search traffic, so you would want to consult a Toronto SEO who can manage the technical demands. They can help you create a plan to cut down the risks, monitor the migration, and take care of traffic anomalies that may occur after the migration.

Your Website Traffic Drops 

A drop in website traffic could be due to many different reasons, such as a reporting glitch or algorithmic change affecting the site. It may become difficult to figure out the issue, and it significantly helps in hiring a Toronto SEO consultant. They will review your search traffic trends, identify the cause, and provide a resolution to reverse the situation.

Manual Action is Affecting Your Website 

If you suspect a manual action is affecting the decrease in organic traffic, the first step should be to identify the action that took place. It requires fixing the issues affecting all the pages before submitting it to Google for a reconsideration review. This review provides accurate details on quality issues, measures taken to correct them, and the overall consequence of the efforts. It is essential to develop a review that assures Google that such errors will not occur again. All the aspects of these actions require an experienced SEO specialist who can manage them with precision and care.

Your SEO Strategy is Not Providing the Desired Results 

Initially, you may try implementing SEO strategies yourself, but as you move ahead, you may find that your efforts are not improving search rankings and bringing in traffic. You may also lack the time any SEO task demands. This is when you must consider hiring a professional who knows the root cause and can give you insights on what will work best for your business.

You Need to Produce Content Regularly 

If your business falls in a category where you need to create and publish content regularly, it is wise to call in an SEO specialist. One of the crucial aspects of content creation is identifying the best keywords and promoting content on the right channels to reach your target audience. And all this is not possible without SEO skills. Professional service ensures whatever content you produce is search engine friendly, and your website is visible where you require it on Google or social media. 

Avoid Making a Quick Decision When Hiring an SEO Consultant

Hiring an SEO service in Toronto is a big decision that can help you improve the online presence of your business. However, you may risk damaging your website’s reputation by hiring the wrong SEO professional. If they implement black hat SEO practices, it can negatively impact your search rankings. On the contrary, genuine SEO services will aim at providing the best experience to your target audience on desktop computers and mobile phones. So, avoid hiring any SEO in a hurry.
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