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The slower economy brings new priorities for us all. Customer retention might be your priority however with your competitors cutting back, it’s the best time to move in and own your marketing sector on search engines. The economy will rebound and your firm could be the clear leader dominating rankings and owning the lion’s share of search engine traffic. And, what could be more important than dominating search engine rankings? Competition is intense so your search engine optimization specialist has to make the absolute most of free, organic search engine traffic. Get in the fast lane with us and get the best possible search engine optimization results.

We’re not a web design firm, internet marketing company, or ad agency trying to break into the hot SEO services niche. We’ve been in it for over ten years before Google became the leading search engine. Search engines haven’t changed, but indexing algorithms are more complex. Our extensive experience with hands-on optimization is perhaps the greatest asset you have to leverage.

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> Social Media Optimization
> Online PR
> In-depth Keyword Research
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> Shopping Cart Optimization
> Content Development
> Analytics

Montreal SEO Consultants

provides Montreal Quebec, Canada clients with the wisdom of 10 years of high-performance Search Engine Optimization. If you need serious, reliable, risk-free results, then this is our forte. Our specialty is strategic Search Engine Optimization, content development, and optimized Google Adwords campaigns. From Custom SEO Plans to content development to innovative keyword strategy and ongoing support, we deliver the bottom-line results you expect. Time to outsource SEO to us?

We offer more than just scant optimization of your current web site for a monthly fee as we’re sure you’ve been offered by others. Instead, we give you the deluxe treatment and establish a close relationship of working with you to generate the kind of results you need to build impressive traffic, revenue, and profit.

Rankings are competitive, yet with expert strategies, powerful content development, and link acquisition, your site can be a dominant ranking site in Google. Our clients have enjoyed phenomenal success and while we don’t guarantee big successes, it happens frequently.

If you’re looking for a trusted advisor to help you create a plan of success on search engines, you won’t be disappointed with the depth of our knowledge.


Keyword Suggestion

Keyword research is critical to successful search engine optimization yet many amateurs take keyword discovery for granted. Many of them become obsessed with the obvious keywords that are offered up by keyword suggestion tools. That fundamental error causes many marketers to miss out on the potential value of search engine marketing.

Keyword selection is the foundation of your SEO campaign. Miss it here, and the rest of your effort will be in vain. Swallow your pride and begin the keyword discovery process new and you’ll be on track to get in front of highly qualified sales prospects instead of empty come-and-go traffic that is offered up by hundreds of Internet marketing companies.

Keyword Selection Errors
The two errors here are: popular keyword phrases are overestimated by the keyword suggestion tools, and people use a wide variety of plurals, stemmed variations and multiple keyword phrases; and keyword use is varied. The reality is, you may need to optimize for ten different keyword phrases rather than one specific keyword phrase suggested by the Overture keyword suggestion tool. Overture is noted for its juxtaposition or aggregation of keywords. So when they report a phrase such as homes for sale Monreal, they could mean Montreal homes for sale or Montreal home for sale. Some 3 and 4 keyword phrases could actually be an estimate of singular and plurals of several combinations, how many times those keywords were used within another longer, multi-keyword phrases.

Keyword analysis requires study and some before and after an experience with these tools. Some are very unreliable because the companies aren’t interested in having their service used solely for optimizing for other search engines.

The best ally in choosing keywords is your server log files, yet it takes skill to pick the best combination of those keyword phrases and select those that will produce the best sales prospects.

Effective keyword research requires skill, experience, and judgment. Through hard-fought experience, Quebec SEO is one of the few search engine optimization companies that does keyword selection well. Our clients are always surprised when they see how many sales come from a wide, well-selected selection of keyword phrases.

Keywords Are Personal

Keywords have meaning to users beyond what might be apparent. Consumers and B2B buyers have a different vocabulary, so you must select those words that are appropriate to your targeted prospect. Popular keywords are often words used by the general public, many times signifying a non-purchasing inquiry.

Keyword Segmentation

Keyword phrases can be segmented in many different ways. They can be grouped in terms of geography, service and product categories, brand names, type of usage and price. Planning your keyword segmentation is important because it provides maximum link reputation and can help you rank highly for numerous phrases if done right.

Technical keywords can be good choices because they are often used by people seriously involved in the business or product category you’re interested in. A major B2B buyer for instance, maybe just doing some background research and could arrive at your site via a new product spec you’ve written about. Having optimized content on a specific topic that is important to buyers is a key way to get in front of the right eyeballs at the right time.

It’s very important to see keywords as part of your unique value proposition because visitors will have a set of expectations based on the keywords they typed in. Examining your competitor’s sites can reveal good keywords, that is if your competitor’s site has been search engine optimized.

Be good to your search engine visitors by targeting the right keywords and then making a great offer of value when they come to your site. With keywords ready, your ready to being writing your copy with the help of the search engine copywriting book.

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