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Agency Tips to Create an SEO Strategy for a New Website

Web design, development, and branding are critical to building a website. They ensure your users get an aesthetically pleasing and practically smooth experience when they visit your site. However, without SEO, this could remain a dream. Without SEO, it is impossible to let your users know you exist.
Instead of thinking about SEO later on, plan it before launching your website. Your SEO strategy should be a priority when you are building your site. Doing this early will save you from the hassle of readjusting content formatting, URL structures and other technical aspects of your site.

As an experienced SEO agency in Toronto, we have created a list of SEO strategies to help you get started with your new website.

Why SEO Is Inevitable for Your New Website

A new website is like a newbie joining a company. The fresher has to make efforts to get noticed and make a great first impression. Similarly, a website has to build links, gain authority and do many other things so that Google can detect its value and rank it high among others in the search results. All of that starts with an intelligent SEO strategy. So, here’s a checklist for a new website.

Your Checklist to Create an SEO Strategy for a New Website

Select an Effective Domain Name

Your domain name should align well with your brand. It should give a rough idea about your product, service or business. You also want to make it short and simple so users can easily remember it. A domain name is also associated with SEO as it is a vital ranking factor. Search engine crawlers analyze your domain name to understand what the webpage is about. So, it should include a relevant keyword you want your site to rank for.

Choose a High-Speed Hosting Provider

Choose a reliable web hosting service providing high-speed page loading time. It is wise to go for a hosting provider close to your business location, because the shorter the distance, the better will be your website’s performance. On an average, no user will wait more than three seconds for a website to load. As this step is crucial for an effective SEO strategy, consider hiring a professional SEO agency.

Set up Google Search Console

Google Search Console enables you to fix issues and manage your site’s performance in Google search results. It will provide you with plenty of features to improve your SEO efforts. Here are some of the things you can check using the web service: 

Understand Your Competition

You must identify who has a similar product, service, or business and what keywords they use to rank high on Google. You want to study these factors to create a better and unique SEO strategy to help you outrank your competition. Some of these include:

An expert SEO agency offers competitor analysis as an individual service.

Create a Keyword Map

Keywords connect your website with the users’ search queries, so they form the crux of your SEO strategy. A search engine aims to present the most valuable information to the searcher so the keywords you choose must match the search intent. Target long tail keywords with low competition to ensure it positively impacts your SEO efforts and long-term revenue. Create a keyword map that caters to the requirements of your individual site pages including landing pages, and service pages.

Create a Strategic Content Calendar

Create your content calendar using an effective strategy to ensure you rank high for the targeted keywords. Here’s how you can do it:

Optimize URL Structure 

Don’t forget to include relevant keywords in your URL, as this is crucial to set up your content correctly. Here’s how this works with an imaginary website:
Similarly, you should include relevant keywords on all other pages on your website.

Review Core Web Vitals 

An enormous amount of content is published on the internet daily, meaning it is highly challenging for Google to choose who comes to the top of the rankings. This is where core web vitals and page experience distinguish between the SEO winners and losers. Apart from placing keywords, content format, design, page load speed, and other sustainable SEO practices are crucial in overall SEO. Indeed, SEO means satisfying your readers wholeheartedly while they are on the page, which will help you rank consistently. As reviewing Core Web Vitals is a highly technical part of SEO, you can consider hiring an SEO agency to do the job. 

Observe Accessibility 

This means how easy it is for your users and search engines to access the information on your site. It is one of the essential ranking factors as you want to ensure that your content is indexed and crawled correctly. Here are some steps you can take:

Keep Promoting 

SEO is like sowing a seed and looking after it until it thrives as a mature tree. Keep promoting your business using email lists and social media to establish a solid online presence. Discover ways to use social channels to drive more traffic to your website. As more people spend time on your site, Google identifies your content as trustworthy. 

Create Your Website SEO Strategy with the Best SEO Agency in Toronto

JumpSearch is one of the most trusted SEO agencies in Toronto, offering unique SEO strategies to revolutionize your business online and help you reach new heights. We are a team of passionate SEO experts working to deliver actual results for our clients. 

Our growth-oriented SEO strategies are tailored to meet your requirements when starting online with a new website. We help you maximize the return on investment of your digital marketing spend by increasing your site traffic and converting leads into sales. Achieving real numbers for a new website takes time, but with constant efforts, the result is worth waiting for.

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