Use of an SEO agency or a SEO firm has become extremely common all across the globe. A large number of companies have entered this field to cater to the ever rising demand for SEO services. One such company is JumpSearch. We are one of the Canada’s top most rated firms within this field, with our headquarters located in the city of Toronto. Although we are owned and operated by the nationals of Canada, we have succeeded in developing a clientele that is spread all over North America. Since many years, we have flourished in providing our clients brands with a strong and a unique existence within the virtual world. We tend to satisfy our clients’ needs by ensuring that our SEO aims are in line with the client’s objectives. Furthermore, we also provide our clients with an extremely supportive team and an access to the up-to-date technology within the field of SEO that is not available with any other SEO agency.


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If your website isn’t garnering the traffic you had envisioned, then there may be elements to your SEO that are inefficient, lagging, or simply not there. At, we will conduct an SEO Toronto Website design company Audit, which will allow us to get an up-close look at your keywords, back links, web crawlers, and anything else that may be negatively manipulating your search engine rankings.