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Your Must-Have Guide to Buying Backlinks in 2022 and Beyond

If you have a website, you must have tried link building and accepted offers to buy backlinks. However, where you buy from is crucial, as some link builders may invest your money on poor-quality links. On the contrary, paying for high-quality websites that link to your site is an attractive deal.

Backlinks are a primary search engine ranking factor for Google, but one decision can make or break your brand. So, here is an article that will help you understand backlinks and how to use them the right way in more detail.

Should You Buy Backlinks?

Here are some facts about buying backlinks: 

What Google Has to Say About Buying Backlinks

Google is against any artificial schemes to buy backlinks. Buying or selling links that pass PageRank violates Webmaster Guidelines and negatively affects your site rankings. Although buying backlinks is legal, purchasing them directly from a website that does not sponsor the links is against the guidelines. It is wise to buy from a reputed SEO link-building service such as JumpSearch that applies the best practices to help your website rank high on search engines.

Free Links are Not Easy to Get

It was easy to get free links a few years ago with infamous techniques such as SkyScraper. But today, as many website owners have discovered the value of links and the revenue they can earn from selling links, it is least likely to get them for free.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Backlinks 

The Kind of Website You Choose 

If you want links from websites with high organic traffic, you may have to pay a high price. Alternatively, you may have to spend on reaching out to the website owners and building a connection. And if you are looking for links from sites shortlisted based on SEO metrics, the pricing varies depending on the authority metric you choose.

Quality of Your Content 

Websites receiving high traffic are particular about high-quality content. Mainly, these sites consider content written by experts and publish genuine author bio. But you need to spend more on such content. And the cost can increase further if you hire a native English writer. 

Position of Your Brand 

Brands with a strong reputation on the internet don’t need to spend much on buying backlinks. With a solid online presence, it becomes easy to attract other well-known brands to link to your site and establish a long-term connection.

Your Brand Integrity 

Your product quality, brand image, brand value, and how people perceive your brand greatly affect your link-building process.

Quality of the Links

The more high-quality links you want, the more price you need to pay. Long-established websites with excellent link metrics tend to be more expensive. It is also hard to pitch such companies. In addition, these websites have strict limits on the number of outbound links they can build each month. And you may also find that many other sites are competing to get links from the same brand.

Buying Backlinks from Agency vs. In-House

If you hire an SEO link-building service, you have to pay a specific fee for the links they build. This will cost you less than employing in-house resources for buying and building links. As a professional agency, they have experts with proven success strategies for link building

Considerations Before You Buy Backlinks 

Why Buy Backlinks From JumpSearch  

JumpSearch is one of the most trusted SEO link-building services in Canada. We specialize in finding suitable links for your brand with a campaign strategy designed only for your business. 

Here are other top reasons why you should buy backlinks from us: 
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