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In-House vs. Outsourcing PPC Management: Which One to Choose?

It often becomes difficult for businesses to decide whether to hire an agency or opt for in-house PPC management. As a company, you know how important PPC advertising is for lead generation and revenue growth. This article discusses different factors that will help you decide whether you should manage pay-per-click in-house or outsource it to an experienced agency.

When to Opt for In-House PPC Management?

Your Team is Extensively Skilled & Experienced in PPC

It could be wise to manage PPC in-house if you have a highly skilled and experienced team competent in delivering optimum results. They must dedicate their entire time to your pay-per-click campaigns and provide you with the desired results. However, ensure you have certified Google Adwords specialists with reasonable experience in managing high-performing campaigns.

Your Monthly Budget for PPC Management is Small 

It is essential to consider your monthly budget if you plan for PPC outsourcing services. You will require a minimum ad spend and the cost of running one or multiple campaigns. With a small budget, you may not afford to hire a reputable PPC management agency that can generate quality leads. 

You Can Manage the Monthly Recurring Expenses 

Creating an in-house team requires hiring expert professionals and considering the monthly salaries and incentives related to a full-time job. You must also invest in setting up the latest tools, technologies, and training to run the campaigns. Evaluate all these factors against your occasional PPC demands to make an informed decision.

Your Target Market is Small 

If you have a business that targets a small local target market, it may not be feasible to spend on hiring a PPC agency. Local audiences would mean fewer keywords, lower search volumes, and less competition, so you can try managing it in-house.

You Want Better Control Over Your PPC Management

If you want more control over your PPC advertising campaigns and the overall cost, it would be best to handle it in-house. You can get daily updates on the progress of each campaign and ensure that the strategy implemented aligns with your brand value and goals.

When You Should Outsource a PPC Management Service 

You Want to Leverage the Expertise of PPC Specialists 

Pay-per-click is constantly evolving, so PPC professionals must stay familiar with the latest trends and developments. They keep upgrading their skills and know how to implement the latest strategies and proven techniques. They are trained in Google Adwords and are well-versed in the latest news through PPC events, so they can incorporate these updates faster and better than an in-house team.

You Want to Save Time and Costs 

Professional PPC advertisers are also skilled at reaching goals within a budget and deadline. When you outsource PPC management to an expert, they help you save time in handling complex campaigns. It also enables you to reduce costs related to hiring, training and maintaining an in-house PPC team. A reputed agency usually charges you on a fixed price, hourly, or as a percentage of your total ad spend.

You are Looking for Flexibility

When you hire full-time employees to work on pay-per-click advertising, you will have to keep spending on salary and other employment benefits even when you do not have any live campaigns. On the contrary, outsourcing a PPC agency gives you flexibility on spending per your business needs.

You Want Improved Results and Greater ROI 

PPC specialists can get a campaign up and running in a fraction of the time compared to an in-house team. They work more efficiently, which helps deliver improved results and greater ROI in the long run. 

You Want Accurate Professional-Level Reporting 

professional PPC agency is also proficient in providing insightful, in-depth, and accurate reporting. They are adept at delivering a precise compilation of campaign tracking, performance analysis, and reporting to help optimize the campaigns for better results. 

Final Verdict

If you want to generate leads and sales as quickly as possible, it is wise to hire a PPC management agency. And if you are seeking brand awareness with a small budget, you can get it done by a team member.
However, a professional agency should be the best choice if you have a large business that requires running multiple campaigns in different markets.

Why Choose JumpSearch for Pay Per Click Service

We do 100% PPC management, ensuring your campaign runs to its full potential. JumpSearch takes a unique approach to provide greater flexibility and a sense of control simultaneously to our clients. You can choose to create or add changes to ads, including the title and content. Once complete, you also get the control to determine the geographical locations and ensure your product reaches your desired target audience. 
We provide complete control to you to monitor the performance of your ads and the budget through our monthly reports. We have no hidden fees or set-up charges, and you have control of your finances at every stage of the PPC management process. Instead of working as an outsourcing service, we serve as a partner who understands your business goals and works on your requirements. 

If you are looking for a Toronto-based PPC advertising agency, we are here to assist you. Call us or fill out our contact form to speak to one of our PPC experts.

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