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Why NOT to let Google manage your PPC campaign!

JumpSearch Expert’s vs. Google’s PPC Management: Increasing the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns

Choosing the Right PPC (Google Ads) Campaign Manager:

Google is the world’s best and most effective search engine. But when it comes to managing Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns, they just can’t match the level of expertise and sophistication offered by Search Engine Marketing (SEM) experts like the SEM JumpSearch team. Despite their search prowess, Google employs a macro level campaign management style that results in more general keywords but no long tail keywords (for example, regarding the Bank’s PPC campaign, the “banking account application”, “online personal banking account” could be long tail keywords while the “banking” would be a general keyword). And although general keywords can generate a lot of Web traffic, long tail keywords have greater potential for generating qualified Web traffic. Google’s solution to driving traffic is often simply to increase spending. While they’re well versed on the importance of achieving high-quality scores, they’re unlikely to have an in-depth understanding of your business.

Leveraging the Power of SEM

Professional SEM experts like the JumpSearch’s team focus on a combination of General and Qualified traffic, to drive the best and most relevant search results. Their Search Practice Leads take the time to acquire a more intimate understanding of your business, thereby enabling you to add more long tail keywords to your campaigns and attain better conversion rates and significantly higher qualified traffic. For example, JumpSearch is a leading Search Engine Marketing firm employs both a macro and micro PPC campaign management approach – and focuses not only on your quality score but also on internet user behavior – producing campaigns that are always in sync with your marketing goals.

Google’s PPC (AdWords) Management

– Macro-level campaign management
– Cursory knowledge of your business
– Boilerplate solutions
– General keywords to generate high traffic

Jump Search PPC Approach

– Micro and macro campaign management mix
– In-depth knowledge of your business and marketing goals
– Focus on Quality Score and User Behaviors
– More qualified traffic leading to better conversions

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