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10 Costly Link-Building Mistakes You Must Know

Research shows that SEO backlinks affect search engine rankings more than any other factor. So, it also impacts website search traffic and overall sales. Unfortunately, many businesses make link-building mistakes that cost them significant money while spoiling their rankings.

This article discusses some of the costliest mistakes companies make and how you can avoid them and implement the best link-building practices. 

Link-Building Mistakes that May Cost You Money

Not Eliminating Toxic Links 

Google’s Penguin update aims to optimize user search results by eliminating web pages with toxic backlinks and penalizing websites using them. These backlinks are unnatural, built from black hat SEO tactics, and can hurt your website’s reputation. So, it is crucial to analyze them and remove irrelevant ones using Google’s Disavow tool. 

Building Only DoFollow or NoFollow Links

This is one of the biggest link-building mistakes any website can make. Building only dofollow or nofollow links is not a good SEO practice, and your website could be penalized by Google. Although nofollow links do not provide any value to search engine results, they boost your website in terms of SEO when you get nofollow links from different domains. You should give equal importance to building both types of links.

Building Links from No-Index Pages

If you use links from a website that is not indexed on Google, your website will most likely be penalized by Google. Ensure to avoid such mistakes by regularly monitoring your backlink profile. You can use tools such as Semrush to analyze the backlinks and find out if you need to remove them. You can prevent such mistakes by hiring a professional link-building service that can help you build links successfully. 

Getting Side-Wide Links

Getting side-wide and footer links to other websites is an old link-building strategy that is obsolete today. Google does not consider such links, so you should avoid them. Ensure you build natural links without opting for quicker SEO benefits. 

Building Links Rapidly 

There is no written rule on how fast you should build links. However, you can stay safer by following the natural link-building process and avoiding manipulative links. Google can penalize you If you build thousands of links to your site in one day. Instead of obtaining 30 links from low-quality sites, try to get three links from high-authority sites to get more benefits from search engines.

Acquiring Links from Pages with Low Social Shares

Google algorithms determine the quality of the content published by considering its overall social performance. When a post gets a significant number of shares on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, it will perform better on search engines compared to other competitive posts with fewer shares. Google rewards articles with high shares, so focus on getting as many social shares as possible.  

Linking from a Site with Thousands of Outbound Links

A good article tends to receive appreciation in the comments section. However, you should avoid a section filled with thousands of comments with links to their sites, as your comment will be lost. Instead, comment on blogs that value their commenters and provide proper guidelines to add comments. 

Implementing Only One Type of Link-Building Approach

Guest blogging and commenting are two primary practices to obtain SEO backlinks. If you use only one of them, you will not gain the results as expected. It is essential to pay attention to different ways to obtain high-quality links. 

Getting SEO Backlinks Only for Your Home Page

If you build links only for your home page, it will appear artificial to Google. You must focus on building links for internal pages on your website as much as for your home page to get high rankings in search results and receive greater rewards from Google.

PBN Links are Mostly Harmful 

PBN (Public Blog Networks) links often try to trick Google algorithms to a certain extent, which negatively impacts your website’s SEO efforts. If you use such links, Google could penalize you, so avoid them or remove them as soon as possible using Google’s Disavow tool. Stay away even from high-quality PBN links, as they are risky.

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