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Local Hamilton SEO Services

The purpose of Local SEO is to get your web pages to rank high in Google search results for local search terms, for example, “South Bank restaurant”. This can be achieved either through “organic rankings” or on the map. Typically you’ll be targeting results in both places.

How do we SEO Optimize Hamilton local websites?

SEO services in Hamilton Ontario are in essence, incredibly simple. However, there is a lot of I’s to dot and T’s to cross. Think of SEO like a machine, and each factor, within each component is like a cog in that machine. If you put everything together correctly then the machines run incredibly smoothly and the output you’re able to get from it is tremendous. If however, you have components or cogs within that machine that don’t fit correctly or have been completely left out then your machine won’t operate anywhere near as effectively as it should. In fact, it may not even work at all…

Requiring each component to be effectively implemented in order to achieve optimal results for your business in Hamilton is why we highly recommend that our SEO service offerings below be implemented altogether.

There are occasions where clients come to us having already completed a component of our SEO service offering to a very high standard. In these rare cases, we will be happy to take on your project and simply roll out the remaining components of the campaign that may have been neglected or completed left out. However, our experience is usually that if one major component has been left out or not completed to a high standard, then the chances are that there is room for improvement in other areas too.

Keyword Research and Planning

“keyword research and planning is about identifying what searches your customers are using and how difficult it will be for you to rank for those searches. This then allows you us to develop a strategy that will give you the best return on the budget you have available for your SEO campaign.”

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Onsite SEO Optimisation

onsite optimization mostly involves setting up your website in a way whereby Google can understand what it is relevant to and which of your pages contain the most important content. The majority of this component of your SEO service is completed at the beginning of the project. However, ongoing management, analyzing results and enhancing performance will be required to some degree on an ongoing basis.

Offsite Link Building

If we were forced to select the most critical component of our SEO services it would be Off-site link building. Ironically, it’s also the component that most people don’t understand and therefore subsequently get very wrong. As the name suggests it involves building links from other websites back to yours. However, not all websites are equal and not all websites are relevant either. It is critical that your offsite link building strategy establishes links from very powerful sites, with very relevant pages containing correctly structured articles.

Avoiding Google Penalties

Avoiding Google Penalties is critical when rolling out SEO services. This is quite easily achieved by simply not breaching Googles guidelines. Take a look our page on Avoiding Google penalties to learn more about them, to understand why many firms still put you at risk of triggering these penalties either now or in the future, and how we can GUARANTEE that our SEO services will never put you at risk.

Keyword research and planning is a critical prerequisite to any successful SEO campaign and is also hugely influential in the ongoing maintenance of your search engine optimization efforts. Keyword research and planning allows you to do the following things:

  • Identify what your potential clients are searching for (search terms)
  • Quantify how many searches there are for each search term that relates to you
  • Analyse how easy or difficult it will be to rank for each search term
  • Understand how the search terms are changing over time so you can be ready to take advantage of the next “buzz” search term
  • Calculate which terms you can afford to target and which terms you can’t
  • Estimate the value for effort / ROI on different search terms

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