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Your eCommerce site may be in need of some quality SEO. Ecommerce Web sites, if organized properly can generate substantial search engine referrals. Most don’t because the owner put the shopping cart before the horse. Search engine promotion deserves much more respect since the quality and quantity of referrals offer excellent ROI. If your site isn’t optimized, you won’t stand a chance in today’s intense search engine competition.

e-Commerce SEO is just usual SEO, except that it is more complex. Better planning is required. The goal is still to develop rankings and visits, however with e-commerce sites, there are typically more subpages containing product listings sometimes within shopping cart type navigation systems. With most e-commerce sites, the URLs of the pages can stop search engine robots from indexing the site well. It can create a variety of issues for them with the result that your site is not well represented in their index.

The platforms, shopping cart programs, and back end programming of eCommerce Web sites are so unique and varied that few off the shelf e-Commerce SEO solutions will work for every situation. The end goal, however, is the same — to provide a site relevant to the search engine’s indexing procedures and search algorithm criteria.

Serving Up a Mess

If your eCommerce site is currently serving up a lot of redundant content with product listings, with no differentiation and your linking confuses or gives the search robot no clue as to what it is indexing, then you’ve got a low ranking site. It will continue until you clean it up.

As a specialist eCommerce SEO provider, we’ll examine your site’s architecture whether your site uses a Unix or Windows platform, or .asp, .cgi, .asp, aspx, or .jsp server pages, and determine whether search engines are getting proper access. It is not obvious whether the search engines are indexing your site properly, even if you have a Google webmaster account. Issues such as duplicate content, long URLs that use special characters, and a weak internal linking structure make search engines disregard your pages even though they are indexed. Many times, robots do spider e-commerce sites well. They collect all the pages, but rankings are poor because they’re not getting the right context. The pages aren’t considered relevant to the keyword context.

It’s not just the URLs that cause problems. Large sites are plagued by the use of content management systems and templated web page components. These can make rankings very hard to obtain and special workarounds can sometimes be very effective. URLs can be revised or rewritten so they are search engine friendly and made optimally accessible, but deeper than this are issues concerning duplicate or redundant machine-generated content. Search engines typically don’t like this redundant content unless your site has a strong trust factor or high Pagerank. If yours is an underdog e-commerce site, then you’ll have to make it search engine friendly. In fact, your business success may hinge on this.

e-Commerce Goals

For eCommerce Web sites, search engines provide awareness and generate qualified prospects, yet the site itself needs to engage the customer. Optimization always improves how engaging the site is, by providing direct access. Optimization generates visitors interested in product categories, so even if they aren’t interested in the original product they envisioned, they may like your related products. Search engine visibility keeps your Web site, brand and company in front of your customers who after all, will be checking out competitor’s offerings.

Web Goals eCommerce

Along with increasing online purchasing is the rise of search engines. They are a direct route to the best prospects online. Internet advertising will be 7% of all advertising spend this year however, pay per click is becoming very expensive. While it can produce great sales results, the best prospects click on free organic links, not the ads.

e-Commerce Optimization Services

To get your site where it needs to be, we’ll examine your site’s server architecture, shopping cart program, internal linking structure, linking to your site, your content and content redundancy problems. We can rewrite your URLs so they are search engine friendly, and iron out any problems that are preventing your pages from being indexed.

Of course, we can revise your content and help you optimize copy, links and product information in your server-side templates.

The presentation of your content and products has more effect on search engine rankings that you may imagine. Search engines analyze your pages well, and their construction must respond to their ranking criteria and algorithm, or you won’t see positive results.

Search Engine Optimization – Pages Created on the Fly

If your page URLs are problematic, we’ll work with your programmers to get them converted to search engine friendly ones. However, that won’t produce high rankings. It will just get your pages indexed. You still must optimize the structure of your site. The linking and copy used are very important, especially when you’re trying to rank for thousands of keyword phrases. It’s not magic, it’s a strategy.

It is a complicated task, however, and the need for precision dictates that a professional level search engine optimization firm be helping in your planning and implementation process.

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