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8 Myths About Casino and Online Gambling SEO You Should Know

Internet users have seen constant changes to Google’s algorithm and how to search for things online. So misconceptions can arise about the best practices. However, outdated information or misconceptions can cause you to believe in gambling SEO myths which could have a significant negative impact on your website’s ability to rank on search engines.

This article will help you understand the myths and give you the confidence to apply only the best practices relevant today.

Misconceptions About Online Gambling SEO 

More Links Give You Higher Rankings

Links are essential in helping your site rank higher, leading to a common misconception that more links mean better ranking. However, it is vital to focus on quality and not on quantity. Google is more observant of paid links or links generated through black-hat techniques. If your link building violates its Webmaster Guidelines, it may decide to apply a penalty. Investing your resources in developing high-quality links will be highly effective for gambling SEO.

Google Doesn’t Like Gambling SEO

This is another common myth similar to the popular misconception that SEO is dead. However, SEO is still as relevant as it has been for every business present online. Google provides different guides and information about SEO and encourages site owners to improve their site quality. The truth is that Google doesn’t like black-hat SEO tactics and works to eliminate such unscrupulous practices.

Backlinks are Dead 

This misconception has led many high-profile websites to stop using outbound links, considering that it may look unnatural. However, backlinks are still critical to rank high on search engines. Not all links are equally effective, though. A few artificial link-building tactics applied years ago would not be effective, and Google could penalize sites using them. So you should focus on building good-quality links that improve your gambling SEO efforts. 

Using Exact Keyword Density Is Essential

Keyword density has been a standard parameter in creating content for websites. But including an exact keyword or key phrase on a page as often as possible is a practice of the past. Google has become better at understanding content and the language used on a page. Instead of identifying a specific keyword, it analyzes the overall quality of the content. Although detailed keyword research is a crucial part of SEO, you should also focus on incorporating synonyms and related terms which read more naturally to humans.

Sitemaps are Not Important Anymore 

Sitemaps do not boost your rankings, but they are useful in helping search engines discover your content quickly. If you publish valuable content regularly, then the new pages on the sitemap will enable Google to find, crawl quickly, and index your content. Even when you add new games to your online casino, you are more likely to rank higher when search engines find your pages faster.

Google Will Penalize Duplicate Content 

Indeed, duplicate content is not a good idea, but Google does not penalize any site for it. However, you may not be able to rank well with such content as the search engine likes showing different pages in the results with unique content rather than pages with similar content. Considering online gambling SEO, you may find websites with similar content rank simultaneously, suggesting this as a ranking factor. But duplicate content is not appropriate for your long-term SEO goals.

You Need a Separate Domain for Each Country

It is common in the gambling sector that websites need to target different countries with different languages to reach a wider audience. But it is not essential to use a separate domain for each region. Many websites use gambling SEO strategies that target international audiences on the same site.

After a Site is Fully Optimized, SEO is Not Needed

SEO is not a one-time effort that can help your website stay optimized for a lifetime. SEO for gambling should be an ongoing activity, just like for any other business online. Initially, you may have some extra work of fixing the technical issues and optimizing the website for particular keywords used by your target audience. But there are many other aspects of SEO that need to be handled regularly.

When it comes to casino and gambling SEO, it is crucial to stay up to date with the latest best practices and Google guidelines to ensure you are on the right track. And it helps to hire a casino SEO agency in this regard.

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