Same Target Keyword on Multiple Pages?

Same Target Keyword on Multiple Pages?

Longtail keywords are the bread and butter of Search engine specialists. Having your target keyword in a search accompanied by another action keyword (buy, purchase) or same targeted niche (online, internet) is money in the bank to rank (liked how that rhymed – bolded it). But when is creating multiple pages with the same main keyword too much? When building pages around that keyword to target longtail does it confuse the search engines?

Google Multi keyword targeting

Our answer is that it really depends on the content and page structure. Are you creating the top level pages with the same main keyword and long-tailing from this or are you using it in blog content? How is your domain authority? Are you trusted enough to go for a multi-page longtail target keyword attack? Is your content light (like this post) and have you properly structured your content around the keyword to properly indicate to the SERPS that you are targeting these phrases.


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